• Vizone Wave Telecom is an industry
    leading air time carrier solutions provider
    • You benefit from VIZONE WAVE's massive
    • global buying power which ensures
    • you have the best possible termination rates ,
    • keeping you competitive in today's volatile markets
  • Vizone Wave E-Learning
    specialized experts in e-Learning
    • E-learning Supports the Learner's Development
    • Quality Off-the-Shelf E-learning Courses
    • Design from the leader in E-learning
    • Key Benefits of Our Solution
  • Vizone Wave Electronics HUB
    Get better price and great quality
    • Buy and Sell wholesale electronics items and hardware.
    • Connected directly with major wholesale supplier
    • Contract directly with major wholesale supplier
    • Get better price and great quality every time when customer order.
  • Vizonewave Become Trader of Metal industry.
    Working with large metal traders around the Globe
    Vizonewave become trader of Metal industry.
    As we get more organic recycled metals from our suppliers
    it is very easy to collect large quantity
    of Metal in short time span.
  • Vizonewave well connected to
    Some of the big food manufactures in South east Asia
    VIZONE WAVE's strength is in the dynamic management

About Us

Vizonewave Ltd was founded in 2012 according to the United Kingdom of Great Britain as a General trading company, Vizonewave has activities of Telecommunications, Food commodities wholesale and electronics & metal business.

Our prices and excellent customer service sets new standards in the products/component whole seller market.

Our top priority always our customers’ satisfaction, in order to achieve that Vizonewave committed to put lot of effort towards it.

Customer Focused : Each and Every Day

Over the years as our business has grown rapidly, we’ve put the right processes, people and training in place to ensure we remain focused on great service internally between departments as well as externally to our customers and suppliers. From our customer facing and non-customer facing operational teams, to our field sales, telesales and all of our head office support teams – we all understand the importance of great service.