Networks / Services :

Our infrastructure consists of a secure carrier grade, real-time multi-protocol IP switch for mobile and fixed line service providers providing revenue generations and network cost savings. We offer wholesale telephony services using conventional circuit-switched and IP telephony to directly connect our customers to local markets. The implementation consists of an IP switching platform which provide complete carrier grade billing solution, route analysis and reporting platform.

The technologies we work on are IP, IPX, and cloud technologies. Our infrastructures

  • Includes career grade Class A and Class B Hardware-Switches in United Kingdom.
  • All equipments are easily upgradeable according to need.
  • Vizone Wave Network Operations Centers located in UK and combine state-of-the-art network management technology with around-the-clock dedicated technicians to ensure the highest quality of service to customers worldwide.
  • Career service through fibre IP connection for better quality.
  • Wholesale voice trading and termination facilities.
  • International fixed and mobile voice terminated via our direct interconnects with major tier 1 carriers across the globe
  • Growing network of intra-country network partners.

We offer VoIP services which enable global organizations to route calls from their location to any destination around the world. By offering cost effective multiple routing options catering to diversified needs, we are able to deliver effective solutions quickly and at a lower cost.

Our Network Operations Centre(NOC) monitors the links and routes continuously, providing 24 x 7 x 365 service and immediate response. Independent billing system facilitates comprehensive billing from the switch level.

Our company provides high quality services in VOIP communications and telephony. And also provides support for our customers.

Server Leasing/ Switch partition :

Vizone Wave offers you just that with flexible routing between VoIP networks, carrier grade reliability and high scalability. We provide soft switch servers with windows and Linux operating system. We also provide dedicated servers.

Service providers benefit from improved call completion rates, higher revenues, less revenue leakage, and improved network security and availability.

We can provide switch partition services including technical support, Our Switch partition service comes with full solutions including automated billing system. You just need to interconnect with your customers and suppliers we do the rest of the technical stuffs.